AGURA has the skilled and experienced professionals to offer prompt yet thorough reports on everything from inspections in accordance with the DCD guidelines for handing over buildings to on-site assessments.

Handing over : Before submitting for the final DCD inspection, new buildings that adhere to the DCD regulations must pass a House of Expertise inspection that has been authorized. According to the relevant Codes and Standards, as well as the DCD guidelines, AGURA’s engineers will visit the site to assess the current state of all Fire and Life Safety systems and aspects. We will point out the non-compliances and explain what has to be corrected and how during the inspection. Additionally, we will evaluate the effectiveness of each system related to fire and life safety, as well as how well it complies with applicable standards and DCD regulations. AGURA Engineers will provide a thorough report to explain the building’s overall fire and life safety condition and to summarize the inspection results. The observed issue will be investigated by AGURA, who will also provide alternatives that will have the fewest possible effects on the already authorized design and the existing systems.