Buildings are frequently found to be out of compliance with the codes or to have been constructed using an outdated version of the codes. Even more frequently, modifications to the buildings’ features or usage led to situations that raise questions about the safety of the tenants and guests. Based on field observations, AGURA can spot a dangerous fire growth potential in a structure or area so that the dangerous conditions are recognized, recorded, and reported in accordance with DCD standards. The engineers of AGURA are qualified in both the operational, or firefighting, area as well as the design and installation fields. We can evaluate the performance of the building in terms of fire and life safety using our combined experience.

After assessing a building’s performance, we generate a report of recommendations that can improve the building’s safety while taking into account their cost and practicality. We customize our services to reduce the hazards associated with the premises, focusing on establishing fire and life safety conditions, property protection, and compliances. AGURA will offer design development support, code compliance validation, AHJ approval, and thereafter periodic inspections in accordance with the Code of practice for new and modern construction. AGURA will also conduct a thorough analysis to pinpoint the drawbacks of the existing systems. Therefore, by considering remediation methods, comparing the level of risk to a baseline, and quantifying the degree of improvement to the current condition of the building, we propose a number of viable options to consider.