The UAE being a hub of some of the world’s tallest and most spectacular high-rise towers, the increase in heights and latest developments in the façade designs and usage of different materials, the fire safety of high-rise buildings is of utmost importance for the building to sustain fire and for the safety of occupants in the building. The DCD has a set of regulations to follow and it is the responsibility of a House of Expertise to review test certificates/ approvals of the products and the design of different façade systems (Curtain wall, ACP panels, GRC, Stone Cladding etc.,) and ensure all the regulations are in full compliance, and submit a detailed report DCD in order to obtain the NOC for installation. AGURA conducts field inspection of installed fire stops in accordance with ASTM E 2174 and the Inspection of fire-resistive joints and perimeter barriers in accordance with ASTM E 2393. We provide inspections for Active and Passive Fire Safety and Fire Protection Systems with the help of our expert Façade Inspectors and the assessment report is submitted to the civil defence department within the local jurisdiction for the approval process within a limited period of time.