Facade being the deceptive outward appearance or the face to the outer society, its design is one among the foremost expensive and important elements of building construction. Every aesthetic skyscraper’s complex task is the façade design that represents a significant role in the technical and commercial risk of any given project. The façade is the barrier between the outdoor climate and the Air-conditioned interior. A project refrained from façade engineering tends to possess a higher risk of technical and performance problems. The first impression of a building is usually its façade. Our input is especially important for clients to understand a top-quality building that befits their corporate image. Our organization is devoted to façade engineering services niche sector of the building industry.

While considering the life safety of humans and their habitat there’s an ever-increasing need to accurately validate the design and communicate the client and designers’ intentions to those that have a responsibility for executing the façades of contemporary buildings.

AGURA encompasses a team of well-experienced facade engineers who work closely with facade Manufactures, architects, consultants, contractors and installation specialists. We offer façade engineering services for all kinds of building envelopes from conventional materials like curtain walls to modern designs using glass as a structure, tensioned fabrics and photovoltaics.

AGURA’s experienced and well knowledgeable professionals know all the important stuff about their work and are keen to take care of the standard of projects and systems design services.

Our clients achieve superior benefits combined with cost savings and price avoidance. We assist our clients in obtaining the best overall façade engineering services by:

  •  Design optimization – getting the most cost-effective design.
  •  Screening of raw materials and products for quality and price.
  •  Sustainable designs that help in operational cost savings.