A safe and sound environment with sustainable development is an increasing demand for achieving a net-zero carbon emission. There is always a challenge in delivering world-class projects to create a positive legacy for the community. Hence the environmental credentials of the project must undergo intense scrutiny.

The environmental implications of projects must be analysed and studied prior to the construction process.

The Environmental impact assessments emphasise finding solutions that reduce or compensate for the potential impacts of construction, both in the construction phases and operational phases.

These assessments provide the project developers with an assurance that their projects are compliant with a variety of regulatory requirements.

Environmental assessments offer all the guidance during both licencing and permitting phases of projects and ensure that the installation, operation and decommissioning process of assets doesn’t have an impact on the environment.

AGURA takes the stress out of the process by providing all the necessary expertise through our in-house specialists. AGURA provides project developers involved in a wide range of industries with the in-depth knowledge and tools needed to surpass standard environmental assessment requirements through all stages of a project’s life cycle.

AGURA possesses ample experience with Environmental Impact Assessments and this experience reflects in the diversity of the projects that include:

  •  Transmission lines
  •  Geothermal power plants
  •  Hydro-power plants
  •  Transport projects
  •  Wind farms
  •  Land reclamation
  •  Harbours
  •  Waste disposal
  •  Quarrying on land and sea
  •  Silicon production
  •  Aluminium plants